Linking your recruitment database to the Internet

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What is Daxtra Magnet?

Daxtra Magnet is a browser plugin. It references your recruitment database, such as Taleo, Bullhorn, Salesforce, Adapt, etc. and automatically checks it for a match to an online candidate profile that you are looking at. If a match is found, you can instantly update it, add notes, actions, as well as link this candidate to a Job on your database -- all directly from Daxtra Magnet window and without leaving your browser or even logging into your database. If a match is not found, you can instantly create a new record on your database at a click of a button. We call it "bringing the Internet Inside".

Daxtra Magnet enables you to browse Job boards, Social Networks or individual webpages and "magnet-link" information from relevant profiles to your internal recruitment system and processes.

What does it mean? You can find the right candidates faster, making online resources and your database to work as a single integrated information pool.

Faster placements -- more revenue.

Setting Database Connections

Configuring Daxtra Magnet is easy, all it takes is a one time setup using your email and your recruitment database username.

Right Click on the Magnet Icon and choose "Options".

  • Provide your email (it needs to be on the domain of registered with Daxtra organisation)
  • You will receive from us an authorisation token which you will need to paste into Magnet prompt
  • Provide your RMS login name
  • Click on "Save" button and you are ready to go!

Getting Started

Using Daxtra Magnet couldn't be easier. When you see an interesting cndidate on the web and would like to add them to your RMS then simply click the green magnet icon in the address bar, this will change the icon colour to yellow which means it is processing. When the icon turns green your candidate is ready to be added or edited in your database.

General Statement

Daxtra Magnet was developed as a response to the increase in candidates publishing their Professional Profiles and CVs online for the purposes of seeking job opportunities. Daxtra Magnet when used in these circumstances, may collect information of people where they have a relationship with a recruiter or their organisation. That relationship may be by virtue of exchanging emails or calendar invites, or interacting on professional, social or other websites where that information is shared.

It is notable that there is significant industry comment regarding ownership and use of available online profile information. After all, if candidates make their Professional Profiles available over the Internet, there is an implicit consent in the use of such data for the purposes of attracting and pursuing job opportunities. However, many website applications that collect and aggregate candidate profiles apply their own terms and conditions. According to their current user agreement, LinkedIn are an example of an online network that explicitly disallow many aspects of use of data presented within their website application. Although expert opinions such as this one illustrate that the ability to enforce these restrictions legally is unclear, we insist that users of Daxtra Magnet seek permissions of LinkedIn or other copyright holders before applying Daxtra Magnet to their data.

As such Daxtra Magnet is a general tool that is simply automating a manual data entry process a recruiter would normally undertake, having viewed a Professional Profile or CV in their browser. Whilst it is correct that Daxtra Magnet will work with any candidate profile, including those coming from LinkedIn, Daxtra has no direct agreement with LinkedIn and other sites and therefore Daxtra does not grant or suggest any special permissions to use, copy, adapt, distribute, modify or share information from websites. We stipulate that it is entirely the responsibility of a Magnet user to ensure that their use of online profile data with Daxtra Magnet is in accordance with the privacy, copyright, permissions, restrictions, and user terms and conditions they have signed up to as an individual or as an organisation.

Please review Daxtra Magnet Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are provided in addition to the Agreement between your organisation (Your Organisation) and Daxtra Technologies (Daxtra) and specify further conditions, restrictions and responsibilities which are relevant to you as the end user of Daxtra Magnet (the Product).

1. General Terms

You may use the Product only if Your Organisation has a valid Agreement with Daxtra, and only in compliance with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws.

By using the Product you expressly acknowledge and agree that:

  • you will only use the Product for lawful purposes; you will not use the Product for processing, transmitting or storing any unlawful material or for fraudulent purposes.
  • you will not be using data generated through the use of the Product in any unlawful or fraudulent way.
  • you will not be using the Product or data generated through the use of the Product in violation of any Privacy laws of applicable countries and jurisdictions.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time by publishing the changed terms of use on this website. You agree to review these terms of use periodically to be aware of such changes. Your continuing use of the Product following such publication shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of these terms of use, as revised.

2. Copyright Terms

One of the uses of the Product is the ability to generate candidate database records on your corporate recruitment management system from the content of webpages (the Content) which you (the end user) load into your browser. Although the Product

  • does not in any way access the websites which hold the Content,
  • does not in any way interact with websites which hold the Content ,
  • does not act in any way which circumvents any anti-abuse and security measures which might be associated with the Content,
  • and generated records themselves do not contain copyrighted content,
the use of the Content in generation of such records might be subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

By using the Product you expressly acknowledge and agree that:

  • you will not be using the Product in violation of Terms &Conditions and/or infringe patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, moral rights or other proprietary or intellectual property rights of respective owners of the Content.
  • you represent and warrant that you have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to transmit the Content to the Product for the purpose of generating database records using this Content.

3. Feedback and unsolicited ideas

If you give us feedback about the Product, you grant us the right to use that feedback for any purpose we deem necessary or desirable without being obliged to pay you any compensation in respect of our use of that feedback. We (and our employees) do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including artwork, demos, samples, and other ideas for new promotions, products, product names, processes, technologies, or materials ("unsolicited ideas"). You must not send unsolicited ideas to us. If you do send us unsolicited ideas:

  • We do not warrant or represent that those unsolicited ideas will be
  • Such unsolicited ideas will be treated and licensed as if they were

4. Disclaimers

Daxtra takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the Content that you or any other user or third party processes or transmits using the Product. Daxtra has no direct agreement with any web content holders and in general is not aware and is not part of their Terms and Conditions and specific restrictions for the use of the Content. Daxtra does not grant or suggest any special permissions or rights to use, copy, adapt, distribute, modify, transmit or share the Content through the use of the Product. You acknowledge and agree that it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the use of the Content through the Product, is in accordance with the privacy, copyright, permissions, restrictions, and user terms and conditions implied or you have agreed to as an individual or as part of Your Organisation.

Daxtra takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for results of processing of the Content through the Product. You understand and agree that as a result of processing of the Content through the Product you might receive data that is inaccurate, objectionable or otherwise unsuited to your purpose.

Daxtra Magnet Privacy Policy


Daxtra Magnet Privacy Policy describes what information we collect from you in the course of your using Daxtra Magnet, what we use that information for, and how we share this information, and for how long we store it.

This privacy policy should be read in conjunction with the overall Daxtra Group Privacy Policy which states Daxtra privacy commitments beyond a particular Daxtra product.

The information we collect, how we collect it, why we collect it, and what we do with it

As part of our account creation process we need to obtain and store your email and authorisation/login information to your organisation's CRM. This information is provided to us by your organisation and we will not be asking you to provide us with such information. However, you will be prompted to use this information in order to login to the system.

To provide our services, we normally need access to your CRM system. The permission and authorisation of such access is granted and monitored by your organisation on the basis of the contract between Daxtra and your organisation.

We do not use, store or share any data obtained from your CRM system except only to directly provide service to your organisation as specified in the contract.

We retain your login and any other necessary information only for the duration of the contract between Daxtra and your organisation

In its operation Daxtra Magnet transmits no further information about you or your browsing records than a representation of the page you are currently viewing, and this representation is only transmitted when you choose to supply it to us by clicking the "Magnet" button in your toolbar. The information that is supplied is simply a copy of the webpage you are browsing together with its location (url) on the Internet.

Any information collected via Daxtra Magnet is subject to Terms of Use of the Product. Daxtra (through its product) in this case acts only as Data Processor on our customer's instructions. It is therefore for you or your organisation to establish the purpose and lawful basis for the processing of any information that this entails.

We do not collect or transmit any private information about your browser (eg. browsing history, plugins being used), nor do we collect or transmit any password or other information that is not in the text of the document you are browsing. In particular, Daxtra Magnet does not intercept any secure communications to or from your device or collects any transmitted to and from other parties data, browsing history, preferences, logins to other sites, etc. We do not collect and/or share payment and financial details, authentication data and email addresses. We do not track your browsing in any way, and nor do we extract or store of any cookie or other credential or identifier which may be included in the data you send us.

Information you request us to process (whether about you or about a third party) is sent to our servers, and is usually retained only for long enough for us to provide our service to you (and any complication arising therefrom).

In order to provide our service, however, we reserve the right to store the raw data you submit to us on our servers for as long as our relationship continues, and for up to two years thereafter. We do this solely for the purpose of providing, supporting and improving our service to you, which comprises our legitimate interest in retaining this data.

We will not share any information including raw data you submit to us with any other unrelated party.

Our legal basis for processing information in this way is necessity for the performance of our contract with your organisation.

If you have a direct relationship with us and have given us your data

If you are our customer or one of our suppliers, we may solicit and store information about you for as long as our relationship exists for the purpose of engaging with you in that relationship (this being our legitimate interest). Examples of information we may need to collect are your name, email address, telephone numbers, invoicing address, bank details (for making payments), and other information we need to engage with you effectively according to the particular relationship we have.

In the event that this relationship ends, we shall discard this data according to our data retention policy, but most personal information shall be deleted within 90 days of the termination of our relationship. In some cases, where there are outstanding issues, data may be retained long enough to settle these issues. Examples of such issues include disputes, legal or regulatory requirements, requirements due to our obligations under tax law or money laundering obligations, or other extraordinary circumstances. Records of the fact that we have had a relationship, and its nature and history, including support issues raised and invoicing/billing data, shall usually be retained until we are confident they are no longer required

Export of personal information outside the EEA

When acting on behalf of our customers from EEA member states we do not export personal data outside of the EEA for processing. We use servers (on Amazon's AWS platform or on individual hosting providers) located appropriately


Daxtra maintains active ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation. All Daxtra systems are secured by passwords, two-factor tokens, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, virus detection systems, and other security systems. Regular penetration testing of our systems is undertaken, and all of our suppliers are required to furnish evidence of the security of their systems to our satisfaction.

However, there are certain aspects of the security of personal data processed by us which are beyond our control. In particular:

Personal data stored in a user's account accessible through Daxtra Magnet is only as secure as the password which is used to access that account. We expect our users to keep their passwords secure, and to change them promptly if they are compromised.

We access our customers external cloud services such as cloud CRM systems and Office 365 using security access tokens issued to us by the provider of that service. We cannot control, and are not responsible for, any security failure in that provider's systems or APIs.

Your rights over your personal data and how to exercise them

You may instruct us to provide you with any personal information we currently hold about you; provision of such information will be subject to:

(a) the payment of a fee (currently fixed at GBP 10); and

(b) the supply of appropriate evidence of your identity (for this purpose, we will usually accept a photocopy of your passport certified by a solicitor or bank plus an original copy of a utility bill showing your current address).

We may withhold personal information that you request to the extent permitted by law. In the United Kingdom we are regulated for Data Protection purposes by the Information Commissioner's Office, and you have the right to complain about us to the ICO if you feel we have treated you unfairly.

If your enquiry is related to information collected via Daxtra Magnet since this information was collected by our product on behalf of our customer by one of their employees it is that customer that controls your information. Any queries or requests to exercise any of your rights in relation to your information should therefore be directed to that customer.

Regarding any other information collected by Daxtra please refer to Daxtra Group Privacy Policy

You also have the right to lodge a complaint about our handling of your personal information with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Data Protection Registration

Our data protection registration number is Z5400781

Our Details

Our websites,,, are owned and operated by Daxtra Group of Companies.

You can contact us by using our website contact form (, by email to or by telephone on +44 131 653 1250 (Europe), +1 804 767 1351 (USA), +61 2 8015 2864 (Australia), +852 2529 0010 (Hong Kong), +86 10 8405 3599 (China), +81 3 4588 8486 (Japan), +65 3157 3323 (Singapore).

Our Data Protection Officer is Mr Steven Richards and is contactable on